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She models, cycles, and lives an altogether healthy lifestyle that’s fast paced and always fun. Join Kourtney Compton on her blog, view her photos, or book an event.

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Hi everyone and thanks for checking out my website! I’ve worked as a professional model for five years, and recently graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in journalism. I currently live and work in two places across the world from each other: Boulder, Colorado, and Girona, Spain, which both offer a perfect place to ride my bike.

I would love to hear from you, so leave a comment or send me an email via the site—and don’t forget to subscribe! Business inquiries can be completed through the contact form. I am available for print, live event, brand ambassador and TV hosting work. Thanks again for reading!

- Kourtney

Travel: Life in Girona, Spain – Kourtney Compton

Historic. Vibrant. Medieval. Food. Cycling.   This is Girona, Spain and a place I call home.     Girona is an ancient city more than two thousand years old in Catalonia, Spain. It is just an hour long train ride north of Barcelona. In Girona you won’t see in any…


kourtney compton at the beck
kourtney compton at the beach
kourtney compton at the beach
Kourtney Compton Beach