Cannondale-Garmin Chef Sean and Olga Fowler

Interview with Cannondale-Garmin Chefs Sean Fowler and Olga Belenko

Sean Fowler and Olga Belenko are a husband and wife team that single-handedly feed the Cannondale-Garmin riders during the world’s toughest bike races, from the Tour De France to the classics they make sure the team is fueled for those brutal days on the bike. No easy task considering the average World Tour rider eats anywhere 6,0000-9,000 calories per race… Read more →

Interview with Former Pro Ironman, Vega Formulator and Author: Brendan Brazier

Brendan Brazier was a young, ambitious triathlete looking for better performance. He tried different different ways of eating to see what would speed recovery best. When he was 15 he became a vegetarian and at 17 he became a vegan. It was that trial and error that lead him to develop the Thrive Energy diet. Brendan went on to become… Read more →