Getting Lost in Barcelona Part 1

The day after the race we decided to stay overnight in Barcelona and explore. Barcelona is a beautiful city nestled between mountains and the mediterranean sea. I wanted to see as much of it as I possibly could. (and we did with about 15 miles of walking)

We grabbed a Starbucks, did some shopping, checked out the Boqueria Market and walked all around the city. Then we hiked up Montjuic and took the cable car up to the Montjuic Castle. After, we saw stunning views of the city from the Torre de Sant Sebastià cable car which dropped us off right by the hotel. Here are some photos from our adventure.


Kourtney Compton in Barcelona

Kourtney Compton Barcelona Spain



The La Boqueria Market is one of Europe’s largest and most famous food markets and a must see in Barcelona. A truly magnificent maze of stalls selling fruit, meat, cheese, spices and everything else under the sun. It is packed wall to wall with tourists and locals a like.


Fresh fruit juice for 1 euro.

Fresh fruit juice for 1 euro.

La Boqueria Market In Barcelona, Spain.
La Boqueria Market In Barcelona, Spain.




  • Nipper Kettle

    Looks like so much fun On my bucket list for sure Have a wonderful time..big HELLO to the Man TD from one of his many Canadian fans..hope to see you both in Tucson before the year is over Cheers 🙂