Follow Kourtney Compton’s Cycling Stats

kourtney-kompton-biking Riding a bike has enabled me to see the world in ways I never thought possible. I’ve been able to view Boulder, Malibu, Tucson, and even Spain from an entirely different vantage point—atop a bicycle, embracing the outdoors and traveling in the healthiest way possible. Now, with my Strava page, you can travel the world with me as I climb the Flatirons, navigate the winding roads of Girona, or cross through the Sonoran Desert.

Cycling is constantly pushing me outside my comfort zone, improving my endurance and boosting my confidence. Through Strava, you can follow me and watch my monthly progress as I continue on my cycling journey. You can see my newest achievements, whether I’ve completed a difficult 5K, traveled through a new location, or climbed higher than ever before.
If you’re a cyclist like me, you can compare our stats and engage in some friendly competition. So get on your bike and join me in reaching new milestones—just check out some of my favorite trails:

Girona, Spain

  • Rocacorba climb
  • Osor climb
  • Amer climb
Boulder, Colorado

  • Sunshine Canyon
  • Lefthand Canyon
  • Lee Hill
Tucson, Arizona

  • Mount Lemmon
  • Saguaro National Park

Whether there is rain, snow or shine, you’ll find me on my bike. I hope to see you on the road!


kourtney compton at the beck
kourtney compton at the beach
kourtney compton at the beach
Kourtney Compton Beach